The Sânzieni route, St. Stephen's Chapel

Ojdula Trail, Kolik Cave

Lake St. Anne Trail:

If you want to explore Lake St Anne and the surrounding area, this trail will take you on a scenic walk through forests and spectacular mountain scenery.

The Ghelința trail:

The cycling route in Ghelinta is located in Covasna county, near the town of Szekler town. This is a popular route in the region and allows you to explore the scenic countryside of the area. Below you will find information about this route:

Make sure you are prepared for the route you choose, take water, maps or GPS devices with you, and follow environmental and safety rules during your hikes. You can also check with your local tourist office or local residents for further recommendations and details of specific routes.

Once you have obtained route information, make sure you are prepared for your bike trip and that you have the proper equipment for your safety and comfort during the ride. Consider the distance, level of difficulty and weather conditions when planning your trip.