The Ghelința - Targu Secuiesc cycling route:

Ghelinta - Targu Secuiesc cycling route:

  • Difficulty level: Mild-moderate
  • Approximate length: Approximately 20-25 kilometres (one way)
  • Estimated time: It depends on your speed, but it can take several hours depending on your pace.

Route description:

  1. Starting point: The route can start in the village of Ghelinta or in the town of Targu Secuiesc, depending on your preferences. Ghelinta is located about 10 kilometres south of Szekler town.

  2. Ghelinta: If you choose to start from Ghelinta, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this traditional Hungarian village. From here, you can start cycling towards Targu Secuiesc.

  3. Rural landscape: The route passes through beautiful rural landscapes with green fields, picturesque villages and forests. You will have the opportunity to admire traditional Szekler architecture and enjoy the fresh village air.

  4. Targu Secuiesc: Once in Târgu Secuiesc, you can explore the town and visit local attractions such as the Reformed Church and the Central Park. There are also options to relax at cafes or sample traditional cuisine.

  5. Return: After enjoying the city, you can choose to make your way back to Ghelinta or continue your journey on other routes or destinations, depending on your plans.

Make sure you have a bike in good condition and proper protective equipment (helmet, sunglasses, appropriate clothing) during the ride. Always check the weather conditions before setting off and take water and snacks with you to keep hydrated and energised during your ride.