Is it worth staying in a Tiny House?

tiny house Romania

Tiny houses have become increasingly popular in recent years and many people are thinking of moving into one. A tiny house is a small house that is generally between 12 and 33 square metres in size and is built of durable and resistant materials such as composite materials, wood or metal.

When we talk about the costs of accommodation in a tiny house, they are often comparable to other types of accommodation in the same area. Prices usually vary according to the size of the house and the features offered.

A great place to stay in a tiny house is the city of Târgu Secuiesc from Covasna county. This town has a rich history and a beautiful environment that offers tourism, culture and fun activities for everyone. There are several small communities in Targu Secuiesc that are organized in various ways and offer a relaxing and welcoming environment for their inhabitants.