Paris of the Three Seats - Targu Secuiesc

targu secuiesc

Szekler town is an important city in the Three Seats County, officially named Paris of the Three Seats County after Orbán Balázs. The town's name dates back to 1407, when it first appears in historical documents, and in 1427 King Sighismund declared the town a fairground, then still called Turia Fair. The town has been influenced by several cultures and traditions throughout its history, which can be seen in historical and cultural monuments such as the Reformed Church and the Palace of Culture.

In the Middle Ages, the town of Targu Secuiesc had an important guild industry. These guilds promote and protect the tradition of the locals and the presence of several guild markets and the Guild Museum in Târgu Secuiesc can be observed. The town also had an important boot industry, which contributed to the local economy and created many jobs for the locals.

A special feature of the town are the gates, also called courtyards, which form the end of the streets in the centre of the town. 73 such courtyards can still be found in the town today. The name of the town derives from these medieval courtyards that the locals found in the centre of the town, known as "secuiești", and the name would translate as "town of the secuiești courtyards". These make Targu Secuiesc a unique place worth exploring and discovering.

We want to encourage readers to come and explore this unique place, discover the authentic spirit of the locals and experience the beauty of the local customs. Town of Targu Secuiesc is a unique place in the world, full of history and culture that offers visitors an authentic experience of the local customs and historical traditions of the region. It has a lot of unique features such as the guild industry or the medieval courtyards found in the centre of the town that make Targu Secuiesc a unique place worth exploring and discovering.