Reformed Church in Targu Secuiesc

Reformed Church in Szekler town is a historical monument located on the territory of Targu Secuiesc. This blog will explore the history and importance of this historical monument and present the details of this church full of symbols and decorative elements.

Church History

The Reformed Church of Târgu Secuiesc was built between 1770-1782 in response to the community's request for a church in the town. Construction took several years and the first religious service was held in 1783. Over the years, the church has undergone several alterations and restorations, and today it enjoys a modernized and updated architectural image.

The Reformed Church of Targu Secuiesc played an important role in the history of the town. During the First World War, the church served as a shelter for the inhabitants of the town. This church was also a place of refuge for families sold during the population exchange between Romania and Hungary.

Historical Monument

The Reformed Church in Targu Secuiesc is an impressive and richly ornamented historical monument. Its architecture can be described as a combination of baroque and neoclassical styles, with decorative elements in rococo and art deco styles. The church is built of brick and has two side towers rising to 37 metres.

Inside the church, symbols of Christianity are everywhere, from murals to furniture and carved ornaments. In addition to religious symbols, the church also contains distinctive decorative elements such as marbled crosses, stained glass windows and bronze sculptures. All of these decorative elements complement the unique history of this church.

The Reformed Church in Targu Secuiesc has a profound impact on the local community. This historical monument is considered a symbol of the cultural and spiritual identity of the region and is considered an important part of the town's history. Over the years, this church has remained an important landmark for thousands of citizens who have come to admire and visit it.


Reformed Church in Szekler town is an impressive historical monument that provides an insight into the history of the region and the local community. Its unique architecture is a fascinating blend of Baroque and Neoclassical styles, and the symbols and decorative elements complement its architectural image. The church deeply represents the spiritual and cultural identity of the region and served as a spiritual home for thousands of citizens during the population shift between Romania and Hungary. The Reformed Church of Targu Secuiesc is a historical monument that deserves respect and admiration for its role in local history.