Apor Girls' Baths

Apor Girls' Baths | Lake St. Anna

The Apor Girls' Baths (in Hungarian Apor Lányok Feredője) are located in the Balvanyos Baths resort area (Harghita Mountains, Covasna County).

They are particularly spectacular with their many different carbonated and mineralised springs. Basically they are wet moths (mophitic gases of post-volcanic origin bubbling strongly in the water of intensely mineralised springs).

The baths are very easily accessible and absolutely no special preparation is needed to visit them. To reach them you have to go (by car) on the DN113 towards Balvanyos Baths, coming either from the east (Târgu Secuiesc) or from the west (Bixad). The baths are located about 23 km east of Casa Pixel or Tiny Campus, on the first serpentine of the asphalt road as you go down to Balvanyos Baths (see map). Leave your car in one of the shelters next to the serpentine (there is no proper parking) and from the curve of the serpentine head up the "hill" on a path. Immediately you will smell the specific, not very pleasant, smell of skunk and hear the babbling of the dragon. The dragon is the name I gave to one of the springs where the mophitic gases bubble loudly, audible from dozens of metres away (photo, video). With the help of the Dragon, you can reassure naughty children by threatening to hand them over to him, and it really works, because the Dragon can be heard from far away... and it smells... like a dragon.